Nook Love

I got my beloved nook in January and have used it EVERY day!  I simply love, love, love it!  Downloading books from Barnes & Noble is easy – either from the store or from my nook itself.  I also frequently buy ebooks from other online retailers and easily transfer them to my nook using Adobe Digital Editions.  It fits comfortably in either hand, I can page forward or back on either side of the frame or using the touch screen.  Also, say I’ve gotten a book with a less than family friendly cover; something that I wouldn’t want my Mom to see my read,  NO ONE KNOWS!  Because the book is in my nook!  Smutty cover and all!

I’ve read in the car, on my couch, in my office, at the restaurant and even at Barnes & Noble.  I’m looking very forward to taking it camping with me this summer as well.

Sure there are things that could be improved but the less than advertised battery life is not going to keep me down!  Can’t say I’m thrilled with the way ebook prices are fluctuating either.  I mean some of the ebooks are going for more than a hard cover!  That’s in insane.  I won’t pay more for an ebook than I would for a mass market or trade paperback.

Going digital means that I’ve also discovered a whole new set of authors!  Those that are published exclusively in digital format.  Granted, I’ve read some horrible books but I’ve also found wonderful new favorites like Moira Rogers.  I loved the 2 books already published in the Southern Arcana series and can’t wait for the next one to come out.

Will print ever go away?  It’s so hard to say.  Right now I wouldn’t buy a magazine in digital format.  I’ll continue to buy hard cover copies of books that I want in my forever library (the one I’ll use when power is out and my nook has no charge or when the end of the world comes and I can’t leave my house) and there will most likely be those books I want NOW rather than waiting for the digital version to be released.

Really,  I love this thing!  Love, love, love it!

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