Frustrated and whining about it

Just a short, whiney post about eBooks and eBook pricing.  I know I’m not alone and from what I understand it won’t change any time soon but I get so pissed off when I want to buy a digital book and it’s over $10.00.  It has to be something pretty extraordinary for me to spend more than $9.99 for digital.  I’ve actually only done it for 2 authors – and both books were part of a series I was going nuts to continue.

Current frustration?  I want to buy Nora Roberts’ new book “Chasing Fire” but all American booksellers have it listed at $12.99.  Gahhhh!  I’m sorry but that is totally insane! Nora Roberts is a good author.  Good but not, in my opinion, great.  Her stories are pretty paper-cutter and you know how they are going to end before you start them but I enjoy character driven stories and as a teen Roberts’ was my guilty little secret.  So though I’d like to buy and am ready today, RIGHT NOW (the beauty of digital reading) I won’t because I simply cannot justify spending that on one book.  It will stay on my wish list until the price drops.  And if it doesn’t drop? I won’t buy.  There are plenty of other lower priced, high quality digital fiction available (I’m talking to YOU Carina Press – you rock!).  So I’m sorry Penguin Group but you might not get my hard earned $$ because of your assinine pricing structure.

There is an excellent post on Dear Author about why eBook cost what they do if you are interested in the whys.

My other bitch?  People who rate the book 1-star because of the price.  Dude, it is not the author’s fault!  Don’t punish them because publishers haven’t figured out that digital isn’t going away!  The three reviews ‘showcased’ on the Barnes & Noble page for Chasing Fire are all 1-star and bitching about pricing.  Again, not the author’s fault!  And the publisher is not going to give one hot damn about how many stars you gave a book. What speaks to them is how much $$ the book makes.  So take your stand by not purchasing not by rating 1-star.  You cheat the author and the readers out of a fair review.

Just saying…

And headed to Carina to buy the newest batch of releases which, by the way, is three books that cost only $0.48 more than Chasing Fire.


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