So…the new Nook

I’ve had a Nook (1st edition) since February of 2010 and have been thrilled, thrilled, thrilled with it. During my 15-months of usage I’ve noticed things I don’t use – games, web access, music player – and had wished they would do away with. I’ve also found things in the Nook Color (which I got an played around with for a week or so before returning it) that I wish the Nook had – cool home page, recommendations, the ability to share socially and an easier way to lend.

And with this announcment I’m all like…whoa….were they in my head?

I believe that there will always be a market for devices like the Nook Color and the eInk Nook. They are two very different devices for people with different needs. While a device that meets all of our needs in one fell swoop is appealing in theory I personally have not found anything that I like in reality. I’ve got an iPod, a Nook, a computer and a cell phone. Each of these devices have specific uses for me and they do what I want in a way that has met my needs.

So I’ll keep surfing the reviews and early opinions online. When I get a chance I’ll go fondle it in a store. My biggest question would be how it handles side loaded content. I’m actually pretty happy with the way the current Nook and NookColor handle my non-B&N purchases and I can’t see that going backwards… I still might get a NookColor because I’d like to purchase magazines and while it seems like that is a functionality of the new Nook I don’t think I’d want my magazines to be in black and white.

Overall I’m pretty excited and looking forward to seeing how the new Nook works once it’s out and about in the wilds and in the hands of experienced Nook users.

Now to wait for Oberon Designs to come out with their new Nook covers.

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  1. Elishia says:

    I love the new Nook! I have have the 1st generation Nook as well, so an upgrade sounds nice =)