342 – TWDP – Henna

Since May of this year I’ve been using Henna as my exclusive hair color.  I love it with a passionate love and frankly don’t think I’ll be changing any time soon.  Henna gives me a wonderfully saturated red color that is especially amazing in the sunlight.  Since May I’ve applied Henna 3 times and it is a MAJOR pain in the butt! Especially when you just want to touch your roots up.  Maybe I’m a Henna dork but I haven’t been able to figure it out.  My mix (for hair just about chin length) is 100g of Henna (I used Celebration but that particular batch is gone now so my next Henna will most likely be Rajasthani Twilight), enough warm water to make it the constancy of mashed potatoes and then enough lemon juice to make it about the consistency of yogurt.  I let that sit overnight, covered with plastic wrap, in a warm place.  Once ready I’ve tried applying it but just glopping it on and twice by using a zip lock bag with a hole in one of the corner.

Every way is messy.  And makes my arms hurt!  But while surfing the internets for heaven only knows what I found Faces of Astarte! It’s run by my neighbor! And they use Mendi Henna!  And they’ll apply it.  Oh joy!

So I’ll be making an appointment in the next few weeks, it’s nearly time for a touch up!  I can’t wait!  I lurve my henna’d hair!

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