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Nobody’s Angel by Kallypso Masters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

And hello Kallypso Masters! You knocked this right out of the park for me! Nobody’s Angel placed you firmly on my auto buy list (also included are Cherise Sinclair, Shannon Stacy, Moira Rogers, and more here because you created such amazingly flawed characters who redeemed themselves and got their HEA in the end.

This is the story of Marc and Angelina – a Dom who has never really dominated and a sub who didn’t even realize she was one. Watching these two characters run from each other emotionally while not being able to keep away from one another physically was so enjoyable!

I was very drawn to the tenderness that Marc showed Angelina, who had had a horrible experience with her first and only foray into BDSM. Also arresting was Angelina’s bravery in the face of very real and valid fears.

Their dance was beautiful to watch.

The ‘secret’ was unexpected really but done very well, drawing in all the other characters in the book. We got glimpses into the lives of the Master’s we’ve already been introduced to and we met Luke who I am already madly in love with. And Adam, I’m madly in love with him too….but I digress…

The world is very well developed and Ms. Masters really did deliver on the promise of her characters in Masters at Arms. We learned more about Karla (Adam’s HEA I hope), a bit more about Damian and we met Luke’s HEA and man, does that already look like it’s gonna be an epic story!

Bravo Kallypso Masters. You’ve successfully drawn me lock, stock and handcuffs into this world. I’ve fallen in love with all of your characters and you’ve painted me such beautiful pictures I can’t wait to come visit again. I thought the conflict cleared up a bit quickly and forgiveness was handed out pretty easily to all involved. However it didn’t take away from the story! To be honest I hope that Allen is redeemed in another book (hint, hint).

My recommendation – BUY and BUY now. If you enjoy erotic BDSM romance and authors like Cherise Sinclair you’ll really enjoy this.

On an aside – these books are self published and you would NOT know it. The formatting was perfect (for my Nook, book purchased at B&N), there were no spelling or grammatical errors that I remember and story maintained it’s pace and direction.
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