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Nobody’s Hero by Kallypso Masters

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Well done Kallypso Masters. Nobody’s Hero, Adam and Karla’s story, had me catching my breath and had my throat tightening with tears so many times I can’t even list them.

There were quite a few times I wanted to slap Adam upside the back of the head and I was pretty sure Karla was some sort of a saint. The brief exploration of total power exchange was interesting, the Shibari was the most erotic and best I’ve ever read and the sex was off the charts hot.

I’m a fan of the May-December Romance and this one was presented very well – acknowledging the differences in age while still focusing on what Adam and Karla had in common.

It was wonderful to see Marc and Angie from Nobody’s Angel again. Loved the way the consequences of Marc’s lie continued to ripple and I do hope to see more of that in future books. Cassie, Karla’s best friend and Adam’s future HEA (I hope), makes an appearance as well. It was nice to get to know her a bit better and doing so made me release just how much she and Luke will have to fight for their HEA.

Missed seeing Luke in this book – he had several mentions but no page time. Wonder what he has been up to!

Also had the set up for Damian and Savi’s relationship, which I believe will be the next book. That’s going to be another fight towards HEA.

Overall a wonderful book. This one had a few more editorial mistakes but nothing more than I’ve seen in other published (both self and traditional) works.

I’m really looking forward to the next installment in the series.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Nobody’s Hero! Sounds as though you read the “Advanced Reading Copy” I put out for my readers before Christmas. Please return to where you purchased it and obtain the 12/31 “official-release” version, which clears up the typos and a couple things left unsaid. Or just e-mail me and I’ll e-mail it in whatever format you need.

    I promise lots of Master Luke in Nobody’s Perfect, which is the next one! Karla is going to go on a new campaign–getting Cassie to try BDSM as a way to regain control and to experience catharsis that her rituals just haven’t provided.

    Oh, and Luke will be showing up in a blog interview I’m doing at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews this week. Seems he and Adam are going to help a skittish blogger overcome her fear of ropes. Should be interesting!

    Will be researching for Damian and Savi’s story this month and start writing next month. Hope to have it out by early May.

    Oh, and Marc and Angelina do have some things to deal with in Nobody’s Perfect, to move them closer to their HEA. (I swear that man’s still hiding something from me. He was always my problem Dom.) But Master Adam has some things to realize, too, and to apologize for. (At the end of Hero, he was still in denial about what he did to Karla in this book. But it’ll come to him soon, now that the self-protection walls are down at last.) I never tie things up in neat little bows, do I? But this is more realistic. They have to keep working on maintaining their HEA once they get it.

    Thanks again for the review and especially for reading my series!


    • Scraps says:

      Thank you so much for heading over to comment Kally. I really am enjoying your books and looking forward to the next one. To be honest I love that they are not all wrapped up in one story – it’s nice to see the growth as each book progresses.

      Hmmm…wondering what Marc is hiding! Those sexy, brooding Italian men.