I got an iMac

I’ve been a Windows/Microsoft user in the desktop/laptop department for over 20 years.  In fact, the first desktop I had was built for me by a friend and Windows based.  Yesterday, after a few years with an iPad and an iPhone I made the jump to an iMac.

She’s beautiful! 27-inches, crisp display and no tower to try to find a home for.  Just a huge monitor and a wireless keyboard and mouse.  Both of which (the mouse and keyboard) are taking a bit to get used to.  I’ve always had a number pad on my keyboard.  Even on my laptops.  Most likely because I come from a data entry background and spent hours with a keypad.  It’s always going to be just plain strange to use the numbers at the top of a keyboard.

And this keyboard is smaller. And my fingers are a bit all over the place.  But that’s something I’ll get used to.

And the mouse is….flat.  Which is strange.  And there are no actual buttons.  Also strange.

And I totally had to Google how to right click because I was going nuts.

Overall I love it.  Like really love it.

And then I tried to hook up my iPad, update my books via Calibre and…no joy.  It took some research and trial and error but it seems that Apple/Mavrick/iTunes no longer plays well with others.  I have to get to my Calibre library by opening a Safari window and putting in an IP address and port.  Then it’s all there and when I click “get” I’m given the option to open in iBooks.  And voila – there the book is.  It’s actually a bit cumbersome for me.  I have Calibre set up so I can see right away what books I’ve read already.  And with a library of over 1400 books that’s quite helpful.  In my Safari window I need to click on “details” to find out if I read it.  *shrug*  Just something new to get used to.

Off to read more stuff about being a new Mac owner…

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