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313 – TWDP – Unwrapped by Cari Quinn

Unwrapped by Cari Quinn

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I’ve enjoyed other books by Cari Quinn so the purchase of this title was a no brainier to me. I’ve also enjoyed lots of books from Loose ID. In the end though this book was … okay.

It started out good, I was engaged and enjoying it and somewhere around the middle of the sex’o-thon weekend I lost interest. Too much sex maybe? Lots of sex that tried to take the place of an actual relationship. While the three in this menage had been friends for years I had a hard time accepting them becoming lovers. Cait, the heroine, was pretty judgmental at the beginning but does redeem herself. I didn’t like the plot bunny that was her youngest sister though. It felt like a cheap shot I guess. Tristan and Matt, the heroes, never quite became real to me. The ‘reveal’ of their relationship was somewhat of a let down and the very end of the book – I’ll be honest, after the reveal I skimmed until the end.

I gave it two stars because I did enjoy the beginning and early middle and because there was m/m in the menage, which is a requirement for me. However this is not a book I’d read again and I don’t think I’d recommend.

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