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Why I will miss Stargate Universe

I am a character driven drama type girl.  Absolutely I love the outside flash bang but what really grabs me and drags me into anything is the relationship between the characters.  The more depth, the more push and pull, the more sacrifice and the deeper I get pulled in.  Ratchet it up with outside forces putting those relationships in a pressure cooker and, ahhhh, yeah.  It does my heart good and doesn’t matter if it’s a book, a movie, a television show or even a song.  If its got relationship I’m there.

Both Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis had relationships that were pressured by outside influences.  While I loved the dynamics in the way the characters in both shows interacted, each episode was fairly self contained.  For 10 years SG1 held me captive.  Jack was handsome, intelligent, heroic and snarky.  Daniel was a sexy geek who was stronger than he thought.  Sam was a kick ass chick with an  intelligence that meshed wonderfully with Daniel and with the kind of heroism complimented Jack’s.  The push and pull, the will they or won’t they between Jack and Sam kept us at the edge of our seats.  The deep bond of friendship that Jack and Daniel shared showed us importance of that kind of friendship (seems like lots of action stuff doesn’t get that) in a man’s life.  Teal’c was the outsider, the enemy turned friend who constantly proved his strength of character and depth of commitment.

While there were overriding story arcs that transversed the 10 years of SG1 each episode started and finished a story.  An outside influence putting the character’s relationships in a pressure cooker.  And though I did see relationships change and grow it was nothing like you should have seen over that many years.  I watched every episode because I loved to see the kick ass.  I was in love with the series because, geeze, I’d invested 10 freeking years of my life.  Boy was I said to see it end but I totally understood that it had run it’s course.  Should have ended a few years prior actually.  And I now had Atlantis to keep me busy.

Spawned by SG1, Atlantis remained pretty true to the story in an episode mold.  While the relationships between the characters were good it was a larger cast and for me that really took away from the depths the character relationships were able to attain.  Each of the individual main characters had points I really liked, I mean, hello Sheppard *drool* and Carson *swoon* but I never connected as deeply with them as I did with the cast of SG1.  The Sheppard/McKay friendship tried to re-create the dynamic of the O’Neill/Jackson friendship but never really made it there.  The sexual push and pull (like the Jack/Sam relationship) was totally missing in Atlantis.  Sheppard/Teyla? Ronin/Teyla? McKay/Keller?  All fizzled for me.  The most interesting relationship was actually between Sheppard and the Wraith Todd.  Frienemies are awesome! When this show ended after 5 seasons I was okay with it because though I never missed an episode I was never as invested.

And I had Universe on the way to keep me occupied.

Creators Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper knocked this freeking show out of the ball park.  I mean a total and complete home run.  Touch down! Score! Goal!  Nearly every single episode has been made of amazing win! And I am brokenhearted that it’s going to end in a few episodes.  Shattered!

The characters and their relationships ARE this show.  Each main character has depth and each supporting character that has interacted with the stars has been developed well enough that I am eager to know more and ready to see them again.  Talk about being in a pressure cooker?  Trapped in an ancient spaceship that’s falling apart? No way to get home? No food or water?  WIN WIN WIN!

This band of mismatched peeps are forced to become a family to survive.  They’re bitter and angry.  They are scared and confused.  Some of them have the hots for each other and some of them can’t stand to be in the same space.  Rush is brilliant and wicked and can be a horrible man.  Eli is sweet and innocent and scary smart.  Young is tough, sharp and edgy.  Scott is sexy, fierce and yummy.  Greer (one of my favorites!) is intense, loyal, fierce, a little crazy and a total protector.  Wray is intense too, intelligent, troubled and honorable.  T.J. is amazingly strong and rises to every occasion she’s faced with. Chole? I’ve got the mehs for her but Scott loves her so… LOL

Everyone has ulterior motives and hidden agendas and I am so utterly disappointed that I’ll never find out what those agendas are.  The cancellation was a surprise to the writers so there are going to be so many loose ends that will never be tied up.  That is a tragedy.  Because Stargate Universe is gritty and raw.  New characters have been introduced, new aliens and races that I want to explore.  It’s visually amazing with awesome effects and top notch direction.  And sadly it’s the end of an era.

I will miss Stargate Universe because I have become more invested in these characters, in their stories and their relationships, than I was with the previous two shows combined.  The perfect balance between internal and external pressure was created and totally blown off by whoever decided to cancel it.  Syfy – you suck.



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